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Eddy Verbruggen

Eddy Verbruggen

Cordova plugins hacker, Telerik

Eddy is the author of many PhoneGap plugins. Over the past few years, he created popular plugins such as SocialSharing, Calendar, and Toast. What started as an open source hobby resulted in him teaming up with Telerik with the goal to increase the quality of the Cordova plugin ecosystem. These days, Eddy is the maintainer of the Telerik Verified Plugins Marketplace at


Comparing Dutch Banking App Architectures


Let's be honest. Cordova doesn't immediately come to mind when you want to build an app used daily by millions of users to manage their bank accounts. However, there may be good reasons to do so and in this session we'll explore the why and how of 3 recent approaches medium and large Dutch banks have taken.

I'll share my first-hand experience and opinion about these approaches and extract a few tips and tricks that can be applied to Cordova apps in general.


Embedding PhoneGap in a native app

Many developers choose to build native navigation and transitions into their apps but use webviews for the main content, allowing them to realize a large cost and time savings while making their app available to a wider range of users quickly. This approach also provides the ability to push timely updates without app store approval hassles. With this model, only a small native code-base needs to be maintained per platform, and it’s typically the static elements of the app rather than the main content, thus more manageable.