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Evan Schultz

Evan Schultz

JavaScript Architect,

Evan is a passionate software developer with nearly 10 years experience. As a seasoned JavaScript architect he adapts to new technologies, and has contributed to many team-based projects, whilst mentoring other developers. Evan leads and contributes to the’s guidelines, code reviews and training material. He educates peers and clients and writes about development best practices for’s blog,


Fixing Continuous Delivery for Mobile

Manual builds and app store approval lags make it near impossible to have an effective mobile continuous delivery process. In turn, this hurts our attempts to be truly Agile with our mobile projects. The solution? Per-pull request deployment through CircleCI, CodePush and a custom CodePush loader in your app. This enables hands-free, automated deployment from commit to a user device, radically changing your testing, validation, and your user feedback processes.


Hot Updates of your PhoneGap apps using CodePush and Ionic 2


Submitting new builds through the Apple App Store approval process can slow down getting important bug fixes and features to your users. In this workshop, you will learn how to make use of Microsoft's CodePush services to deploy your PhoneGap applications updates directly to users.

At the end of the workshop, attendees will understand the foundations of using CodePush to update their PhoneGap applications.

This workshop will cover:

  • Setting up CodePush
  • Getting started with a basic Ionic 2 Application
  • Hooking up CodePush into your application
  • Managing deployments and rollbacks


  • node
  • git
  • CodePush CLI tools installed
  • ionic2 CLI tools installed
  • Xcode