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Kerri Shotts

Kerri Shotts

Developer, Author, Photographer

Kerri Shotts is an IT consultant specializing in mobile hybrid application development. She has used PhoneGap/Cordova for several years while developing enterprise apps for her clients. She is the author of five books about PhoneGap. She serves as a moderator on the PhoneGap Google Group. Kerri is also a photographer and loves caffeine, art, music, and Minecraft.


Common PhoneGap Gotchas

Your users deserve a great experience when they launch your app! Be sure to avoid these common gotchas! The talk would focus on various practices that one should use to avoid a poor user experience, including responding to device events, slow/fast taps, providing affordances, faster animations, designing responsively, a quick touch on security, and also how to handle network connectivity (or lack thereof).