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Martijn Walraven

Martijn Walraven

Core Developer, Meteor Development Group

Martin works on mobile support for the Meteor JavaScript app platform, including the Cordova integration. He is also the creator of Meteor iOS, which integrates native iOS apps with Meteor.


Progressive enhancement for mobile apps: exploring the continuum between Cordova and React Native


Rather than looking at Cordova and React Native as two separate technologies that mobile developers have to choose between, these approaches can be seen as part of a continuum that allows for progressive enhancement. It should be possible to build apps from a shared codebase that work out of the box on both desktop and mobile devices, but that can be iterated on to get you all the way to a fully native user experience for the parts where this makes sense.

The React programming model is especially suited for this, both because of its focus on composability, and because it has shown that a JavaScript UI framework does not have to be dependent on the DOM. This talk will explore how this model makes it possible to reuse components between web and native platforms, and may even allow for ways to seamlessly mix native views and web elements within a single component tree. It will also discuss ongoing work on establishing a common API surface for accessing device-native features.