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Niels Leenheer

Niels Leenheer

Founder, Salonhub

Niels is a founder of Salonhub and creates web applications for a living. He has been using PhoneGap professionally for the last five years. In his free time he runs one of the largest Open Device Labs in the world, created the website and has recently given a number of talks about Smart TV and game console browsers. He loves to research obscure browsers and submit bug reports.


Making Apps for the Big Screen

When PhoneGap was first released, its goal was to become obsolete. On mobile that never happened. However, if you want to create an app for a Smart TV, set-top box or game console, you will find web apps are almost always natively supported. And in many cases it is the only way to build apps. This talk will focus on the different platforms that are out there, the SDKs that you can use, and the practical problems you are going to encounter when you port your apps to the big screen.