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Raphael Kubo Da Costa

Raphael Kubo Da Costa

Software Engineer, Intel

Raphael is a software engineer working on web engines and web technologies at Intel's Open Source Technology Center. He has been working on Crosswalk since its creation, and is responsible for its infrastructure, release engineering and everything required for making it work great for everyone, including Cordova users. Raphael currently lives in Amsterdam, a city he is still getting to know, and likes to scratch his itches by contributing to other open source projects in his free time, from FreeBSD to KDE.


Crosswalk Project Empowers PhoneGap Apps

The Crosswalk Project web runtime gives web applications a predictable environment to run in with world class performance. Use new, cutting-edge, or experimental APIs and extensions and deploy complex web applications with confidence. This sessions explores how Crosswalk solves fragmentation challenges across the full range of target mobile devices, improves web app performance, and opens up opportunities to use new APIs for 3D cameras, WebVR, and more. Adding the Crosswalk pluggable webview has never been easier. So much goodness for so little work!