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Steve Gill

Steve Gill

Software Engineer, Adobe

Originally from Vancouver but currently living in San Francisco, Steve has been part of the PhoneGap team since 2009! He currently works on the tooling for Cordova and helps with releases. Outside of hacking, he loves hockey, biking, yoga and traveling!


App Privacy and Security for PhoneGap Developers

Our mobile devices are rich targets packed full of sensors, and ripe for the harvesting of personal information. All too often, developers on deadlines leave security and privacy concerns until the last minute, or don’t get around to them at all. This workshop will show not only the importance of security and privacy, but some basic steps we as developers can take to ensure our apps are a safe place for our users (not to mention keeping the app safe from those same users). From avoiding XSS, understanding the whitelist and CSP, to ensuring that what data we do collect is kept safe. This workshop will give you a better understanding of how to ensure privacy and security are a part of your app from day one.