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Edouard Lafargue

Edouard Lafargue

Solution Architect, Adobe

Ed has been with Adobe for 6 years working first in Europe and now in the US as a Solution Architect for the Adobe Marketing Cloud. As a life long technology enthusiast, Ed likes to apply his skills to bring creative solutions to technical challenges, whether he does this for Adobe's customers, or as part of his volunteer engagement with non-profits like


Cordova and Citizen Science

Ed will be presenting Safecast:Drive, an Android app that interfaces with the bGeigie Nano Geiger counter, and enables volunteers to submit their nuclear radiation surveys to The talk will cover the challenges of building a complex app that includes mapping, USB and BLE with good performance, reliability and low power usage , as well as the strong requirements to make it easy to use for non technical volunteers.
Safecast is an international, volunteer-centered organization devoted to open citizen science for the environment. You can find more information at