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Fil Maj

Fil Maj

Master Exploder, Adobe

Fil works for Adobe on the PhoneGap team, and was part of Nitobi, the company responsible for the birth of PhoneGap. Fil took a slight career detour and worked for Sauce Labs, where he picked up a focus on reliability, testing and enabling sustainable software engineering. Fil is now back with Adobe and the PhoneGap team, where he strives to apply these learnings.


Testing PhoneGap Apps


Building and maintaining high quality PhoneGap apps, like all software, involves testing. In this lab we will cover the following topics, as we work through instrumenting a real app with a test suite to improve it's quality, help avoid regressions and speed up development:

  • What is testing, and why do it?
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Continuous integration