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Joe Bowser

Joe Bowser

Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems Inc.

Joe is one of the co-creators of PhoneGap, and originally wrote the Android implementation. He is the longest contributing member of the Apache Cordova project and the Project Management Committee (PMC). When he is not working on Cordova, he is working on various other projects, which often include open source hardware like the Arduino, 360 video, as well as building, flying and crashing quadcopters.


WebVR: Getting Started with A-Frame and VR View

Any developer with a modern Android or iOS device and a cardboard viewer can get started making unique experiences relatively quickly. This introductory talk will go over the basics of AFrame will discuss how to to use standard web development practices to bring these experiences quickly across devices, whether they be Cardboard or Daydream-based devices, or Desktop-based VR devices such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Due to cost and accessibility, this talk will primarily focus on Daydream and Cardboard.


Hacking the A-Frame: An Introduction to WebVR

This workshop will cover the basics of working with A-Frame, a WebVR framework developed by Mozilla, and will have attendees create and extend an existing WebVR example to support additional 360 images. It will also cover packaging an project developed in AFrame inside a Cordova application, and the various things to consider when developing WebVR for Mobile.