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Kerri Shotts

Kerri Shotts

Developer, Author, Photographer

Kerri Shotts is a Developer Advocate at Adobe. As an IT Consultant, she used PhoneGap/Cordova to develop enterprise apps for her clients. She is the author of five books about PhoneGap and serves as a moderator on the Adobe PhoneGap forums and the PhoneGap Google Group. She started programming on a lowly Commodore 64, and has a fondness for retro technology.


Modern JavaScript and PhoneGap

JavaScript is changing with new versions of the standard now releasing every year, and lots of proposals being considered for inclusion. Most mobile devices can only support this new world with the help of automation, module loaders and bundlers, and transpilers… but if all of those words sound a little scary, don’t worry — it’s easy to build a workflow that integrates modern JavaScript and PhoneGap together, and in this session we’ll show you how!


Creating a Modern PhoneGap Plugin

Creating a PhoneGap plugin doesn’t have to be scary, and it isn’t all that difficult! In this workshop you’ll learn how to create a simple plugin, how to structure your plugin for multi-platform support, how to add it to your projects, and how to test it thoroughly using Cordova’s plugin testing framework.