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Ryan Hanna

Ryan Hanna

VP of Engineering, Sworkit

Ryan began learning to code online in 2012 and grew his side project into a top Health and Fitness app with over 20 million users. He is also a co-organizer of in Brighton, England.


Sworkit: From Side Project to Full Time Venture


Sworkit had very modest beginnings in 2012 with a humble goal: Build something fun to help Ryan learn to code, and maybe get 100 downloads.

Now with millions of users and over 45 million workouts completed, Sworkit has gone from a solo side project to a global fitness platform.

We'll take a transparent look at the key events and build decisions that helped Sworkit get to where it is today. Find out about the various technologies employed at each phase of Sworkit's growth, how to market an app with no budget, and how to successfully generate revenue.