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Sani Yusuf

Sani Yusuf

Founder, HAIBRID

Sani runs a startup called HAIBRID that uses cross-platform mobile development techniques to create innovative ​mobile ​ solutions. Sani also co-manages the Ionic UK community in UK and has had stints with companies like Microsoft, Huddlebuy & Anritsu in the past.


4 Way Databinding For An Offline Mobile Experience

In today's world, mobile is the primary way we access the internet for our very many important activities. The problem is a lot of apps work great online but become unusable offline. Image if you could not search the previous emails on you mail app when you had no Internet? Creating an offline experience can be challenging with soo many things to worry about like, how best to Sync when the internet comes back or how best to handle conflicts when multiple users change the same data offline? This talk will showcase how we can use PouchDB to achieve 4-way data binding by keeping the Model, View, Serve & Offline Data all in sync while providing the user with a mature offline experience.