PhoneGap Day US 2014

Friday, October 24th in San Francisco

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We're celebrating all things PhoneGap and want you to join us! Come to our fourth annual PhoneGap Day on October 24th 2014 in San Francisco, CA.

PhoneGap Day is one part conference and one part celebration. Expect a fun and informative day packed with people who are using PhoneGap as part of their mobile app development. Meet members from the PhoneGap team, hear the latest PhoneGap news, and find out what's coming next!

Workshops are back!
Last year many of you participated in the pre-conference workshops on Thurs, October 23rd. Choose from two different tracks: PhoneGap Essentials and PhoneGap Ecosystems. Read below for more info!

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// PhoneGap Day Speakers

Anis Kadri

Anis is a Software Engineer at Adobe. He works on PhoneGap and Cordova full-time and has been contributing to the project since its early inception. Lately, he’s been interested in trying to introduce PhoneGap solutions to the enterprise world.

Anthony Rumsey

Anthony is a software developer at Adobe with a passion for creating well designed and engaging user experiences. During his 15 year career Anthony has focused on the the integration of web technologies into Adobe’s enterprise software. More recently his focus has shifted to exploring the capabilities of the mobile web and mobile apps including contributions to the responsive simulator, touch interface and PhoneGap integration in Adobe Experience Manager.

Archana Naik

Archana Naik is a Software Developer in HTML5 WebApp Platform team at Amazon @Lab126. She has over 12+ years of experience in developing and architecting software for various Silicon Valley companies. She has been actively involved in shaping Amazon’s WebApp Platform which is used by the AppStore for web apps. She is also an Apache Cordova committer and amazon-fireos platform maintainer.

Brett Rudd

Brett is the current development team lead for Adobe’s PhoneGap Build. PhoneGap Build allows you to create mobile apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - and then easily compile them for multiple platforms in the cloud. First built at Nitobi 4 years ago, and now a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, it has built over a million apps and assists developers during prototyping, development and all the way through signing and packaging for App Store submittal. Brett has been on the team since it’s inception and will discuss this growth, a few new features that users have been waiting for, and also a few points on how it may evolve in the future. Brett has no hobbies.

Bruce Lefebvre

Bruce is a programmer at Adobe focused on bringing Experience Manager and the open web together. As a member of the mobile R&D team, he’s most recently been focused on the AEM + PhoneGap integration. When not at his desk he can usually be found outside on his bike..

Christophe Coenraets

Christophe Coenraets is a Developer Evangelist for where he focuses on mobile application development. Prior to joining, Christophe was a Developer Evangelist for Adobe where he worked with the PhoneGap and Cordova team to help Enterprise customers design, architect and implement their strategic mobile applications. Christophe was also a member of the original Flex team at Macromedia. Prior to Adobe and Macromedia, Christophe managed Java and J2EE Evangelism at Sybase and Powersoft, and held different software development and architecture positions.

Eric Mittelette

Developer Evangelist since the year 2000 for Microsoft France, Eric animated sessions and keynotes about Microsoft development platform since the beginning of .NET. For now Eric has integrated open source software and framework in his work, and joint recently Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc as a Senior Technical Evangelist. Passionate about code and algorithms since the 90’s, eric works with C, C++, C#, JavaScript and try to illustrate technologies breakouts with simplicity and fun. His background as Agronomic researcher provide him, an different point of view and approach and a real vulgarization expertise.

Herm Wong

Herm has previously contributed to Apache Cordova and is currently focused on trying to improve PhoneGap’s adoption by finding ways to simplify & streamline PhoneGap app development.

Holly Schinsky

Holly Schinsky is working with the PhoneGap team at Adobe and currently focused on mobile development using PhoneGap, HTML/CSS and JavaScript. She has 17 years experience in software development including Java, Adobe Flex/AIR and ActionScript in addition to her recent hybrid mobile work. Holly’s latest focus is on developer advocacy and education via her blog, samples and workshops. In her free time she’s usually found driving a carpool, running or hanging out with her family.

Jen Looper

Jen Looper is a developer advocate for Telerik with many years’ experience developing for the web, mobile web, and creating mobile apps. She specializes in fitness and educational mobile apps and has a particular interest in the Internet of Things. She has written for SitePoint and Modern Web, and maintains a blog at Find her on Twitter @jenlooper.

Jesse Freeman

Jesse Freeman is a Developer Evangelist at Amazon focusing on HTML5 and gaming. Jesse has been on the cutting edge of interactive development with a focus on the Web and Mobile platforms. As an expert in his field, Jesse has worked for Microsoft, MLB, HBO, the New York Jets, VW, Tommy Hilfiger, Heavy and many more. In addition to development, Jesse has a background in art with a masters in interactive computer art from the School of Visual Arts. He can be found on twitter at @jessefreeman.

Joe Bowser

Joe is the creator of Android version of PhoneGap, and longest active contributor to PhoneGap and Apache Cordova. He still works on Android, finding solutions to various problems that appear on that platform, and also works on other hardware projects.

Justin Vaillancourt

Justin Vaillancourt is an engineer on Mobify’s product team. He spends most of his days slinging code to support the millions of mobile page views that rely on Mobify’s platform each day. In his spare time Justin tinkers, most recently building a Game Boy emulator in JavaScript.

Kyle Peatt

Kyle Peatt is an interaction designer and front-end developer in equal parts. He believes that every designer should have the skills to build what they conceive. Kyle manages a team of like-minded Designers and UI Developers on the Customer Success team at Mobify. Together, they build joyful mobile web experiences for enterprise clients.

Michael Brooks

Orphaned as a child, Michael Brooks was raised by his elderly Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Academically gifted, he displayed an uncanny affinity for Computer Science with speciality in signal processing and computer vision. While attending a developer meetup at the age of 26, Michael was bitten on the hand by a radioactive Nitobi employee, empowering him with the company’s proportional open source belief, community, and ability to ship products. Now disguised as mwbrooks and teamed with Adobe, Michael slings between vim, GitHub, Twitter, and IRC to protect the innocent, confront evil, and make PhoneGap & Apache Cordova a safer framework for the future of application development.

Michael Mocny

I’m @mmocny, a Google software engineer, working on Apache Cordova and Chrome. Trying to figure this whole web-native thing out.

Mike Hartington

Mike is a front-end developer who has used Ionic since its alpha. As Ionic’s developer advocate, Mike manages the Ionic Forum, serves as a resource to developers, and writes technical documentation. When he’s not working, you can find him relaxing with a beer and guitar.

Paul Fischer

Paul Fischer’s interests include the application of software to real-time, mobile and embedded systems. He is a technical consulting engineer for mobile and embedded development tools at Intel Corporation. Prior to joining Intel, in 2009, Paul served in a variety of engineering and marketing roles, primarily in the embedded computing and real-time software market.

Piotr Zalewa

Piotr Zalewa, Senior Web Developer at Mozilla, involved in projects around web apps universum. Currently responsible for bringing Firefox OS for Cordova developers. Piotr is also the founder of JSFiddle.

Russell Beattie

Russell Beattie has 20 years of experience working as a developer, strategist and entrepreneur with a focus on web and mobility. As Technical Evangelist for the HTML5 Platform at Amazon’s Lab126, Russell helps promote development of web apps for Kindle Fire devices.

Tim Kim

Tim Kim is a developer from Adobe who spends most of his day working on the PhoneGap Developer App and watching cat videos on youtube. Aside from programming, Tim enjoys drawing, playing video games and filling out bios like this one.

TJ VanToll

TJ VanToll is a developer advocate for Telerik, a jQuery team member, and the author of jQuery UI in Action. He has over a decade of web development experience—specializing in performance and the mobile web. TJ speaks about his research and experiences at conferences around the world, and has written for publications such as Smashing Magazine, HTML5 Rocks, and MSDN Magazine. TJ is @tjvantoll on Twitter and tjvantoll on GitHub.

Vishwanathan Krishnamoorthy

Vishy is an experienced product manager in the mobile devices and cloud/web services industry. At Mozilla, he leads the product management for Firefox Webruntime and Firefox OS services. Vishy also product manages the Cordova-Firefox OS integration and is a strong believer in HTML5, Open Source and the Open Web.

Zachary Halvorson

Zachary Halvorson is a designer and a keen front-end advocate looking to make user interfaces more personal. Zachary works with the marvellous Mobify product team to create exciting experiences for users worldwide.

More speakers to be announced soon!

// Workshops

Dive deeper into PhoneGap by attending our pre-conference workshops on Thursday, October 23rd. Choose between two different tracks:

PhoneGap, from beginner to God Mode

PhoneGap Ecosystem: workshops from Microsoft, Mozilla, Mobify, Intel, Amazon, Telerik, and Google

// Schedule

We’ll be hosting the workshops on on Thursday 23 October 2014 and PhoneGap Day will be Friday 24 October 2014

October 23 2014
9:00 ... Registration
10:00 ... 1st Floor - Essentials: Beginner Track (Michael Brooks, Holly Schinsky, Christophe Coenraets)
10:00 ... 2nd Floor - Apache Cordova for Windows Store and Windows Phone apps (Olivier Bloch, Eric Mittelette )
10:00 ... 3rd Floor - Multi-Device HTML5 Hybrid Web Apps with Amazon WebView (Russell Beattie, Archana Naik)
11:35 ... Break
11:50 ... 1st Floor - Essentials: Advanced Track (Michael Brooks, Holly Schinsky, Christophe Coenraets)
11:50 ... 2nd Floor - Use Visual Studio to build Cordova apps for Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS! (Ryan J. Salva, Dan Levine)
11:50 ... 3rd Floor - The State of Hybrid Tooling (TJ VanToll & Jennifer Looper)
1:25 ... Lunch
02:30 ... 1st Floor - Essentials: God Mode Track (Michael Brooks, Holly Schinsky, Christophe Coenraets)
02:30 ... 2nd Floor - Firefox OS App Workshop (Vishy Krishnamoorthy, Piotr Zalewa )
02:30 ... 3rd Floor - Intel® XDK – An IDE for Cordova! (Paul Fischer)
04:05 ... Break
04:20 ... 1st Floor - Essentials: Open Q&A Trainers and PG Team
04:20 ... 2nd Floor - Mobify Perceived Performance In PhoneGap Apps (Zachary Halvorson & Kyle Peatt )
04:20 ... 3rd Floor – Building a Chrome App for Android (Michal Mocny)

October 24 2014
08:30 ... Registration & Breakfast
09:30 ... Brian Leroux / Opening Remarks
09:45 ... Tim Kim and Herm Wong, Adobe / The new PhoneGap Developer Apps
10:00 ... Jesse Freeman, Publishing PhoneGap Apps to the Amazon AppStore
10:20 ... Anis Kadri / Introducing PhoneGap Enterprise
10:35 ... Break
11:00 ... Piotr Zalewa / Cordova, Firefox OS & new tools for app development
11:20 ... Brett Rudd / PhoneGap Build is Open Source
11:40 ... Telerik
12:00 ... Joe Bowser / Many Webviews on PhoneGap Android
12:15 ... Lunch
01:30 ... What’s up with Cordova on Windows, Windows Phone and Visual Studio - Microsoft
02:10 ... Mike Hartington / Ionic: Basically its totally sweet
02:30 ... Bruce Lefebvre, Adobe / Enterprise: not just a dirty word any more
02:45 ... Break
03:10 ... Paul Fischer, Intel / An IDE for Cordova!?
03:35 ... Matt May / PhoneGap Accessibility
03:50 ... Justin Vaillancourt, Mobify
04:05 ... Google's focus on Apache Cordova
04:30 ... GapDebug tooling by Genuitec
05:20 ... Shazron Abdullah / State of the Union
05:20 ... Pub Mixer (goes until 8pm'ish)

// Venue

New Location. We're happy to be hosting PhoneGap Day at Dogpatch Studios.

Dogpatch Studios is located in Dogpatch near Potrero Hill. The Dogpatch Studios is easily accessible via Muni bus and Caltrain. Bicycle parking will be provided within the Dogpatch studio for those abel to bike over. Parking is extreamly limited in the area and we ask that you look to alternative transportation.

991 Tennessee Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
T 415 625 0580
F 415 824 3799

Parking is very limited in the area. We encourage you to bike, cab or take public transportation. Plan your arrival to the PhoneGap Day using this planner for public transportation.


Nearby Hotels:

Alternate Accommodations: AirBnB

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