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Bruce Lefebvre

Bruce Lefebvre

Computer Scientist, Adobe

Bruce is a programmer at Adobe focused on bringing Experience Manager and the open web together. As a member of the mobile R&D team, he’s most recently been focused on the AEM + PhoneGap integration. When not at his desk he can usually be found outside on his bike..


Making Enterprise Sh_t

Does the idea of writing enterprise software conjure up images of bland user interfaces, XML-based configuration, and IE8 compatibility? The folks on Adobe’s Experience Manager Apps team have been working hard at avoiding these stereotypes, while building a platform for delivering and managing mobile apps for enterprise customers. This talk will provide a glimpse into the following: What are the perks of including a content management system in my app dev arsenal? Which tools are available for me to take full advantage of Adobe’s Marketing Cloud solutions? As a developer, what open source goodness can I try out today?