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Loki Meyburg

Loki Meyburg

Product Guy, Mobify

Loki is also the creator of Stacker, an open source project to kickstart the development of iOS apps. Previously he was the first employee at Medeo, a medical startup, that was acquired in 2014. Graduated with Honours in Business and Computer Science from the University of British Columbia.


Finding the sweet spot - blending the best of native and web

Choose the best technology for the job. Too often projects begin as hybrid apps, but switch to native for performance reasons. But it’s almost never the case that all features of your app need to be fully native. Today, many apps such as Amazon, Basecamp, Yelp and more take a blended approach. We'll guide you through case studies of how we build high performance apps that blend the best of native and web and highlight lessons we've learned along the way.


Build the Amazon App

A workshop on quickly building a hybrid app with feature parity to Amazon's app with a mix of native and web interfaces. In this workshop we will guide you through building a commerce-enabled app with feature parity to the Amazon iOS app using a combination of web and native components using Astro, our latest SDK built on top of Cordova.