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Mike Hartington

Mike Hartington

Front End Developer, Ionic

Mike is a front-end developer who has used Ionic since its alpha. As Ionic’s developer advocate, Mike manages the Ionic Forum, serves as a resource to developers, and writes technical documentation. When he’s not working, you can find him relaxing with a beer and guitar.


Ionic: Version 2 and Beyond

Ionic 1.0 has enabled many web developers to become mobile app developers. With the arrival of Angular 2 and its changes, and with ES6 being finalized, development has been improved yet again. How will that impact Ionic? In this session, we’ll compare Ionic 1 and Ionic 2 and go over what we've learned, what improvements we're making to Ionic, and how easy it will be to develop apps with Ionic 2.


Building an App with Ionic 2

You've built Ionic apps before, but now that V2 is out, what can you expect? In this session, we'll look at an Ionic 1 app and go through the process of building its Ionic 2 equivalent.