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Greg Bulmash

Greg Bulmash

Tech Evangelist at Amazon

Greg Bulmash started in tech by publishing jokes and humorous essays to his own web site, eventually rising to become Senior Editor of the Internet Movie Database ( In 2005, he dusted off his BASIC programming skills from the 80s, taught himself some of the programming languages that power the web, and pivoted into a career writing code and communicating with developer audiences. He currently works as a Technical Evangelist for Login with Amazon, and in his spare time he runs Seattle CoderDojo, a volunteer group where local tech professionals help kids learn computer programming. He's spoken at OSCON, CascadiaJS, DevNexus, Developer Week, CodeMotion Amsterdam, and other meetups and conferences about web development, programming, and teaching kids how to code.


Rolling Your Own Multi-Platform Voice Assistant

Voice is the new IU of choice, and while most mobile platforms have some voice functionality built in, cloud-based voice APIs are making it possible to create a unified voice-powered experience that follows you from mobile to desktop to… Walk through building a voice-powered PhoneGap app on desktop and mobile, using Amazon’s Lex and Polly services from AWS to voice-enable your apps