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Lars Trieloff

Lars Trieloff

Director Platform Marketing, Adobe

As a principal at Adobe, Lars’ work spans engineering, product management and marketing. His focus is on combining AI, Serverless computing, and open APIs to enable the next generation of digital experiences. Originally from Berlin, Germany, you find Lars these days mostly in airport security lines, sushi bars, and on Slack.


That’s how we roll: Combining Adobe I/O APIs and PhoneGap

Aside from PhoneGap, Adobe offers a range of APIs to developers through Adobe I/O. In this talk, we will show you how to fold in Adobe I/O APIs on- and off-device with PhoneGap, the serverless Adobe I/O Runtime, and Adobe I/O Events. In the talk, we will be showing a simple demo application that serves as a living demonstration of Adobe I/O in action, and a template to get rolling.