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Masahiro Tanaka

Masahiro Tanaka

CEO, Monaca Corporation

Masa is the CEO of Monaca Corporation, the company behind Japan's #1 hybrid app development tools, Monaca and Onsen UI. He started his company as a pioneer in web and mobile communities in Japan, writing numerous PHP books and initiating Cordova meetups. Masa still maintains a leadership role within mobile and IoT communities in Japan and overseas as a hybrid app development vanguard and framework trendsetter.


Flawless development with Vue, Monaca and Onsen UI ♨️

While Cordova can be used with all major frameworks like Angular and React, using with Vue has a great advantage especially for building handy apps. This session will describe how to develop an app with Vue and Onsen UI, fully made by Web Components, using toolchain provided by Monaca development platform.